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Poki in Sparkle Cloud

Poki in Sparkle Cloud

The Poki iPhone case is an ergonomic and sculptural phone case that stands up your phone both vertically and horizontally. This simple design makes it possible to grip and grab your phone in and an infinite number of ways making your phone easier to hold, taking stress off your wrist. The Poki has more space for fingers to weave in and out of for more comfortable holding positions. The vertical standing position is perfect for facetime and video conferencing. The Poki iPhone case is not just a sculpture individually handmade, it is a grip, stand, and protection for your phone.

  • Sparkle Cloud is hand-applied multidimensional sparkles in a translucent light white color.
  • Cloud is translucent.

  1. Every case is made to order.

  2. All cases are compatible with most if not all screen protectors.

  3. Every case comes with my personal Guarantee. See FAQ for more info.

  4. Every case is made with impact-resistant material designed for everyday use.