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KAME is a line of sculptural iPhone cases designed & entirely hand-fabricated in Los Angeles by artist-designer Bailey Hikawa.

All Kame designs stand up your phone both vertically and horizontally while acting as a grip to better hold your phone.

With a Kame case, you may literally never lose your phone again... Just saying.

"Now I don't need to prop my phone up on empty beer cans for Facetime chats " - Ingmar

"Just today was at work and brought in a consult with a patient on telehealth via my phone and just thought about, wow, how much my kame case makes my lifes so much easier in so many ways" -Mary E.

" What the **** is on your phone?? " -Stranger

"My poki is a lifesaver. I spend all day on videoconferences and it keeps the camera on me perfectly and avoids the up-the-nose and ceiling view that other participants broadcast." - Courtney in D.C.

How does that fit in your pocket? Get a tote #totelife


"I often tell people my KAME helps distinguish my phone as separate from me- it lessens the weight of the machine's urgency and reminds me that my phone is like any other object which I don't have to be attached to..." - Julie

"Everyone talks to me about my Kame, so now I have a social life" -Alexis

"It fits in MY pocket" - Mom

"If I had only had a KAME phone case, I genuinely don't think she would have broken up with me." - Christopher R.

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