Cases for the 12 will released on the newsletter!

Everything is designed and hand fabricated in our Los Angeles studio.

Kame iPhone case designs stand up your phone both vertically and horizontally while acting as a grip to better hold your phone.

With a Kame case, you may literally never lose your phone again... Just saying.

"Now I don't need to prop my phone up on empty beer cans for Facetime chats" -Ingmar

"Just today I was at work and brought in a consult with a patient on telehealth via my phone and just thought about, wow, how much my kame case makes my lifes so much easier in so many ways" -Mary E. in Chicago

" What the **** is on your phone?? " -Stranger

"My poki is a lifesaver. I spend all day on videoconferences and it keeps the camera on me perfectly and avoids the up-the-nose and ceiling view that other participants broadcast." -Courtney in Washington D.C.

How does that fit in your pocket? Get a tote #totelife

"It fits in MY pocket"

-Mom in Los Angeles

"Everyone talks to me about my Kame, so now I have a social life"

-Alexis in New York

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