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Hikawa Digital Gift Cards

Hikawa Digital Gift Cards

Honestly, the best gift for your loved ones during this crazy time. Gift Cards get your loved ones a phone case to use while working from home or masks to protect them while out in the world.

Gift cards are delivered by email and are easily transferrable to friends and family.

Gift cards have no additional processing fees.

Free Shipping applies to all Gift Card purchases.

They never expire, so you can use them anytime.

  • $25 gets you 1 Origami Mask
  • $45 gets you 2 Origami Masks
  • $75 gets you 3 Origami Masks
  • $100 gets you 4 Origami Masks or 1 Kame iPhone Case
  • $200 gets you a Kame and 4 masks.
  • $300 gets you a lot of things.

    Current Production Times:

    *Kame Phone Cases currently shipping in 3-14 business days.

    *Mask orders are currently shipping in 1-5 business days.