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Origami Mask in Camel (Canvas)

Origami Mask in Camel (Canvas)

Camel is made from canvas material, named top 5 materials for face masks, up to 97% protective to the virus. See reference link here. 

Camel is a little heavier of a fabric. If you are sensitive to mask breathing, I recommend a cotton lightweight fabric. Camel has however been tested for protection and is up there with an N95. Also great for colder weather.

    Face Mask Elements:

    • Embedded metal nose bridge
    • Adjustable / Universal head and low near ear strap
    • Hang around your neck when not in use
    • 1 layer heavy protection and 1 layer light cotton lining
    • Hand and Machine washable 


      • DIY filter guide included


      • Adjustable and Durable Elastic Head Strap that doubles as low ear strap. 


      See the Last Image.

      Measure from the bridge of your nose to just under your chin. You can use a piece of string and then compare it to a ruler.

      • SMALL: 4'' - 4 1/2''
      • MEDIUM: 4 3/4'' - 51/2''
      • LARGE: 5 1/2'' - 6''
      • XL 6'' - 6 1/2''

        if you don't see your size, email me


          A percentage of every purchase goes towards making and providing masks for essential workers in need of PPE. For more info or if you are an institution in need of masks please email


          Or 2 for $45 > discount taken automatically

          *Inner Fabric lining and cord colors will vary. If you have a preference you can leave it in the notes at checkout, but I can't guarantee colors due to limited supply.